MBS Newsletter #37

MBS Newsletter #37

Hello once again fellow Naval Gamers!


Have you listened to Ep. 21 of the MBS podcast yet? This month,Greg and I discuss some of their favorite book series where naval combat plays a central role. Later, we take a look at the most popular naval miniatures scales for historical minis and the pros and cons of each.

Episode 21

In the forums, the monthly forum poll is up! How important is it to have a land game that ties into your naval game? Come by and vote to let us know!


There has been some big news lately; the Kickstarter for Spartan’s Firestorm Armada is in full swing, Firestorm Strike Force has been announced, and Starfleet Battles comes to Shapeways!


For all of you out there who also play World of Warships, be sure to come by and let us know what you think of the new Royal Navy battleships that are finally almost here!


Vtmobius and I have been hard at work down in the shipyard, so stop by and check out some of our latest WIP models:


Until next month!

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