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Forum Newsletter 12

Forum Newsletter 12

My Fellow Naval Gamers, It is with great excitement that I present the 12th MBS Forum Newsletter! It is hard to believe that it has been a year since these little newsletters have started. Rest assured, I have no intention … Continue reading

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Ghenghis Con 2014

Landlubber here! Spent Friday and Saturday this past weekend at Genghis Con 2014, a local gaming convention put on by the good folks at the Denver Gamers Association.  The con was here in Denver (actually Aurora, a suburb), at the … Continue reading

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My Experience at the DWVA Fall Event

My Experience at the DWVA Fall Event

MadDrB has already shared his observations on the event as the organizer, so I thought I would chip in a few words as one of the participants! This is just kind of a few general thoughts; I’ll try to get … Continue reading

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DWVA Autumn Event 2012

After having to reschedule our 2nd Annual Autumn Event in September due to a big Magic card release, we finally met on Sunday, October 28th for our seasonal tournament at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg, VA. Half a dozen past … Continue reading

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