Episode 21


Greetings! In Episode 21 of the MBS Podcast, Greg and Andy discuss some of their favorite book series where naval combat plays a central role. Later, they take a look at the most popular naval miniatures scales for historical minis and the pros and cons of each. major changes that have been made in the 2.5 edition of Dystopian Wars. Then, Andy discusses his experiences at Historicon 2017 in this month’s Ruckdogs Report!

Naval Reading: 13 min

Naval Miniatures: 1 Hr 12 Min

Ruckdog’s Report: 1 Hr 54 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

Honor Harrington

Star Carrier

Horatio Hornblower

The Destroyermen

GHQ Models

Topside Minis


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3 Responses to Episode 21

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  2. avatar Walt O'Hara says:

    Couple of points. There’s another 15mm manufacturer you didn’t mention, Old Glory Shipyards. They make ships in a few different scales, including 15, 25 and 1:600.

    Secondly, you said Chris Carlson was the designer of Command Decision twice on episode 21. That’s actually Frank Chadwick you are thinking of (who was also at Historicon, so was I!). Chris (and Larry Bond) designed COMMAND AT SEA,
    from Clash of Arms publishers, now they produce it independently.

    Glad you liked H’con, I was a volunteer at the Events desk. I hope I helped you get into a naval game of some sort. :-)

    • avatar Ruckdog says:


      Thanks for your comment! There are a ton of manufacturers out there, so our list was by no means complete. If there are other manufacturers that you have had good experiences with, please post about them in the Historicals section of the MBS forums!

      Regarding Command at Sea vs. Command Decision, that was a total gaff on my part. I see Command Decision getting played a lot by JD and company up at Eagle & Empire, and I somehow got my wires crossed!

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