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MBS Podcast Episode 7

In Episode 7, it’s MBS…IN SPAAACE! Greg and Andy are joined by Josh and Phil from the Firebase Delta podcast to discuss Firestorm Armada, the awesome space naval combat game by Spartan Games. The first segment is a roundtable discussion … Continue reading

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Re-fighting Jutland

Re-fighting Jutland

The following essay was written by Mr. Seth Owen, a good friend and MBS forum member (user Wargamer55). He recently had the opportunity to play in a large wargame played at the Naval War College in Newport, RI that was … Continue reading

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Topside Minis Product Review

Topside Minis Product Review

Hello again! Today, I take a detailed look at a product that I am quite excited about: Topside Minis.  I feel that this product represents an important development  for naval wargaming, making it much easier for gamers to get into … Continue reading

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Fatal Choices Book Review

As I mentioned in a brief post a while back, I recently backed a Kickstarter for a book project called “Fatal Choices: Wargames Decisions and Destiny in the 1914 Battles of Coronel and Falklands” by Seth Owen, who posts in … Continue reading

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Fatal Choices Kickstarter

Hey all! I just wanted to point your attention towards a Kickstarter that is running right now, created by a good friend of mine named Seth Owen (who posts on the MBS forms as wargamer55). He has created a self-contained … Continue reading

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