MBS Monthly Newsletter #35

MBS Monthly Newsletter #35

Greetings fellow naval gamers!

As usual, there are lots of things to talk about in this month’s newsletter, so lets get started!

RaptorEvolved's Kingdom of Denmark Asgard Battlecarrier

RaptorEvolved’s Kingdom of Denmark Asgard Battlecarrier

First up, Episode 18 of the MBS Podcast is live, so please give it a listen if you haven’t already! Greg and I discuss the naming of naval ship types, as well as doing a full review of Grand Fleets 3rd Edition:

Episode 18

Next up, the 2017 Painting Contest has concluded! Check out the winners, as well as all of the other entries, here:

2017 Painting Contest Winners

Stop by and vote in our forum poll, if you like! This month, the question is which historical time period is your favorite for gaming:


Elsewhere on the forums, there has been some excitement surrounding the Expanse boardgame that has recently been announced:


Also getting some attention has been the recent previews of the Borg expansion for Star Trek Ascendancy:


With the impending release of DW 2.5, there has been a lot of discussion on the DW sub-forum about the new rules and the changes coming for both DW and DWFA:


In the DeepWars sub-forum, a great battle report has been posted:


Down in the Shipyard, vtmobius and Sailion have been keeping us up to date on their latest modeling efforts:


Finally, in the showcase, Greg and Quickdraw both have some new models to show off:


Until next month!


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