Grand Fleets 3 Stat Generator

Grand Fleets 3 Stat Generator

Greetings! Today, I’m happy to share with you all a ship statistics generator that I’ve made for Grand Fleets 3, by Majestic 12 Games. This is a historical ruleset that covers naval combat during the age of battleships. MJ12 is gradually releasing new supplements for the game, which include loads of stats for ships involved in a specific conflict. That still leaves many areas and ship classes uncovered in the meantime, but MJ12 has been nice enough to provide us fans with a detailed set of ship construction rules that enable players to create stat cards for the game using nothing but historical sources. In the effort to make that process simpler, I have created a stat generator using Excel that automates the stat card generation process! Here it is, in all of its Excel glory:

Please download it and let me know what you think! I had to learn a few new tricks when it comes to Excel functions to make this, so its entirely possible I’ve got some errors in there somewhere!

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  1. avatar Jean Foisy says:

    Hi Ruckdog,
    what a fantastic job you’ve done, I’m new to GF3 and wanted to play a Denmark strait scenario.
    Being a math moron, your Generator saved me a lot of work.

    I started on the Hood. All is good excepted for the VPs. I went to the Calculator page and the culprit seems to be DRAT calculation in line 300. I try to understand what is the error to no avail. May I send you my file so you can get a look.
    Thank you.

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