Adepticon Preps Vol 2: FSA List Building

Adepticon Preps Vol 2: FSA List Building

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m starting the full-court presadepticons on my Adepticon preps. This time around, I’m looking at lists for my Firestrom Armada (FSA) Terrans. Per what I know of the format so far, I will definitely need two 900 point lists for the main 3-game event on Saturday, with a couple of 800 point lists ready in case I somehow make it into the second round on Sunday. For this post, I’m going to present a few 900 point lists I’ve been toying with.


Now, I’ve gotten a little experience over the past year on what does and does not work with the Terrans, so I’ll be referencing those thoughts going forward here. I’m also keeping in mind some of the feedback I’ve gotten both on the MBS and on the Spartan forums, for which I am very grateful! So, these lists are more of a starting point than a finished product.

900 Point List # 1


This list is focuses on using the Taskforce models to the greatest possible extent. The Harpoons, cruiser squadron, and, most likely, the Tyrant would be starting on the table, with the frigates placed in reserve to out-flank or shunt in. The cruiser squadron is another possibility for a “shunt bomb,” though I have not had a great deal of success using them in that way.

900 Pt List #2


This is a variant of the first list that brings out the Destroyers and Heavy Cruisers. In this case, I would definitely be shunting in the Heavies, and starting the DD’s on the table. As such, it is somewhat less flexible than List 1.

900 Pt. List #3


This list was directly inspired by my friend Ryjak from a post of his in the MBS forums. In a sense, this list is a bit more balanced than the first two, as the points are more evenly distributed between the three tiers here. The fact that so many of my points are concentrated at the low end of the scale is a little concerning, however!\


So, there it is, my first shot across the bow as it were. A big takeaway from me is that I have some panting to do! All of these lists feature the Tyrant, and mine is still in bare resin. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts!

Until next time…

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