MBS Newsletter 27

MBS Newsletter 27

We are into September, which means it’s time for another MBS newsletter!


Episode 10 of the MBS Podcast is live! This time around, Greg and Andy are talking Star Trek, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the show:

Episode 10

Also on the blog, Andy has finished up a series of posts comparing two very popular space combat games, BFG and FSA:

BFG vs. FSA, Part 3

And, having attended Gencon this year, Andy put together a write-up discussing the various naval games he saw there:

Gen Con 2016 Naval Gaming Recap

Onto the forums!

If you haven’t yet, please stop by and vote in this month’s MBS forum poll, which asks “Which USS Enterprise is your favorite?”


In the DW sub-forum, discussion of the Battle for Iceland and recently announced Battle for Africa setting has been on-going:


In Halo Fleet Battles, Landlubber has once again provided us with a great battle report:


As Dropfleet Commander inches closer to release, the discussion about the game in the Space Gaming forum has intensified;


In the Historical section, Yarkshire Gamer continues to keep us appraised on the the progress he is making on his massive project to paint every ship that participated in the Battle of Jutland:


And finally, Quickdraw has posted some pictures of his excellent work on the Royal Austrialians for DW and his Terrans for FSA:


Until next time!

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