MBS Podcast Episode 2

For Episode 2, Greg and Andy take another look at the Naval Miniature Game market and talk about Class “B” games. After that, it’s the first MBS Podcast Game Review! Greg and Andy take a look at Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games.

==Quick Reference==

Class B Game Overview: 26 Min

Landlubber’s Musings: 1 Hr 18 Min

Dystopian Wars Review: 1 Hr 22 Min

Ruckdog’s Report: 2 Hrs 18 Min

2016 Gaming Resolutions: 2 Hrs 24 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==


A Call to Arms Starfleet

War Rocket

Star Navy 5150

Deep Wars

Grand Fleets

Star Blazers Fleet Battle System

Dystopian Wars


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