2018 Painting Contest

The 2018 MBS Painting Contest

Welcome to the home page for the 2018 MBS Painting Contest! Here you will be able to find the full rules for the 2018 contest, as well as instructions on how to submit your entries. Here is a summary of the Contest Rules:

Three Awards

The MBS Painting Contest includes three awards: The Admiralty Award, the Member’s Choice Award, and the Commander’s Choice Award.

  1. The Admiralty Award: The winner of this award is chosen by 3 designated judges.
  2. The Member’s Choice Award: This award will be voted on in the MBS forums via forum poll. There are several sub-categories in this award, and a winner will be selected in each category.
  3. The Commander’s Choice Award: Just like last year, this award will be selected by me (Ruckdog) to recognize an outstanding entry that did not otherwise place in the voting and selection processes for the other awards.

Further details on how the winners of each award will be chosen can be found in the official rules document (link below).

How to Submit an Entry

Email your entries to competition@manbattlestations.com. Emails should meet the following format:

  1. “2018 Painting Contest” in the Subject Line
  2. Include your MBS username in the email (if applicable).
    1. If not a member of the MBS forums, please list the name you would like the entry listed under.
  3. Attach One picture for each entry.
    1. Pictures should be 3MB or less and 1024 x 768.
    2. Multiple entries per email is acceptable.
  4. Include the following information for each entry:
    1. Entry Name/Title.
    2. Member’s Choice category (Historical, Space, Steampunk, or Fantasy/Other).
    3. A brief description of the entry (game system, model name/class, etc)

Submission Window

Entries will be accepted from Monday, 29 January 2018 until midnight EST on Monday, 30 April 2018. Entries do NOT have to be painted during this time to be eligible; any models not already submitted for a previous contest are fair game!


There will be prizes for each award category! They will be in the form of gift certificates to The War Store, and are set as follows:

  • Admiralty Award: $40
  • Member’s Choice: $15 per category
  • Commander’s Choice: $20 per category

Full Rules

The full official rules for the 2018 MBS painting contest can be found here:

MBS 2018 Painting Contest Rules

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Ruckdog at: ruckdog@manbattlestations.com

Also, feel free to post in the Painting Contest sub-forum in the MBS Forums!


Happy Painting, and Good Luck!