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Firestorm Armada: Terrans vs. Dindrenzi Round 2

My Firestorm Armada Terrans of Task Force 22 have been at it again! Last weekend, I played MBS community member CDR-G’s Dindrenzi force in another 1,000 point game of FSA. If you recall, the last time I played the Dindrenzi … Continue reading

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Firestorm Armada: Terrans Vs. Dindrenzi

As you may recall, I recently sat down and hashed out some preliminary Terran fleet lists for the upcoming Firestorm Armada tournament at Adepticon. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet with forum member Ryjak (make sure to check … Continue reading

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Into the Storm Zone

Ran across this blog entry while rummaging around on Dakka today, and I thought all of you here might be interested. Jaden Howell of the Imperial Patrol has posted a nice pre-game write up for his first game of Firestorm … Continue reading

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