Ruckdog’s Report Episode 2

Ruckdog is back with the second episode of the newly independent Ruckdog’s Report! This time, he is joined by Dale, who was on the MBS Podcast back in episode 16 when he helped Greg and Andy review Star Trek Ascendancy. This time, Dale and Andy discuss all of the big news that has been happening with Star Trek over the last 6-7 months, including the new expansions for Ascendancy, the launch of Star Trek Discovery, and The Orville, which may just be the best Star Trek series that isn’t a Star Trek series. Oh, and some side-conversations about 40k might have snuck in there too. Thrill as Andy can’t figure out if we are talking about Star Trek or Star Wars! Chill as both Dale and Andy struggle (and ultimately fail) to come up with Seth Green’s name! It’s all there and more in this month’s Ruckdog’s Report!

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