MBS Newsletter #38

MBS Newsletter #38


Before we get into the usual routine with the newsletter, I have to address The Big News from the last month or so: The closure of Spartan Games. This came as shock for many (including myself), and has been a big topic of discussion. The main discussion thread on the MBS forums is here:


I also wrote my own detailed thoughts on the MBS blog:

The Sinking of Spartan Games

This has been a saddening and disappointing development for the entire wargaming community, and has also seen a lot of effort by fans all over the Internet to document the rules and other downloadable content that Spartan carried on their website. There have also been quite a few new members joining the MBS forums as a result; welcome to all of our newcomers!

And with that, we are back to the regularly scheduled newsletter. Since the last newsletter, Episode 22 of the MBS podcast has gone live!

Episode 22

In this episode, Greg and I start off with a discussion of the pros and cons of the movement systems used in various naval games. Later, we discuss a recent trend in miniature gaming, where companies release linked ground and naval games.

Also, don’t forget to stop by and vote in the monthly poll, which is discussing the utility of card-only expansions for miniatures games:


There have been a lot of new files added to the resources threads that are stickied at the top of the sub-forums for the varous Spartan Games. If you have any files (official or unofficial) that you would like to uploaded, feel free to post them or email them to me (ruckdog@manbattlestations.com).

In the Video Games section, there has been some discussion about the new Battlestar Galactica video game:



There has been some discussion about starting some on-line campaigns for the various Spartan systems this fall. There is a discussion thread about it in the General Discussions forums, so if you are interested in participating and/or helping to organize one of the campaigns, stop on by!


That will do it for this month’s newsletter. Until next time!

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