Episode 14


It’s time for Episode 14, the first episode of the MBS podcast for 2017! Following up on their discussion from Episode 13, Greg and Andy tackle the concept of boarding in space naval games. They are then joined by Josh Linde, aka Spartan Linde, to discuss all the cool Spartan Games events coming to this year’s Adepticon. Later, Greg and Andy review the game Deep Wars by Antimatter Games. And finally, they round out the episode by discussing their gaming New Years resolutions!

Space Naval Boarding: 27 Min

Spartan Linde Adepticon Interview: 1Hr 24 Min

Deep Wars Review:  1 hr 43 Min

Ruckdog’€™s Report: 2 Hr 20 Min

2017 Naval Gaming Resolutions: 2 Hr 28 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

Deep Wars 


The Way Gate Blog

2017 MBS Painting Contest Rules
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4 Responses to Episode 14

  1. avatar Alex Mann says:

    You mentioned the boarding range for assaults in Firestorm being 4″, it’s actually 6″ in v2. Doesn’t sound much but does make assaults much easier to attempt than in prior versions.

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