2014 Painting Contest Winners

After 2 rounds of voting, the winners for this year’s Man Battlestations painting contest have been determined!

First place goes to Danaussie with his beautifully painted 1:1800 scale HMS Renown:

In second place was Last Rites’s New Orleans Class airship from Dystopian Wars:

Rounding out third place was Andrewchristlieb’s Directorate fleet for Firestorm Armada, featuring some beautiful free-hand markings:

Honorable mention goes to Grgbobe’s “what-if” Japanese battleship squadron, featuring designs that were canceled due to the arms limitation treaties of the 20’s and 30’s:

Overall, this was another very successful contest! We had 14 entries this year, two more than in 2013. All entries were very well done, and represent a lot of hard work and talent. You can check all of them out in the gallery below:



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